PROLIFIC's product range includes Any thing in belts, ( which cannot be specified as the list goes on endles ) still we give some of our product names below:

V Belts

Poly V Belt

Coil Wrapper Belt

Steel Conveyor Belt

Variable Speed Belt

Covered Timing Belts

Teflon Conveyor Belting

Speciality Woven Belting

Polyurethene Round Belt

Banded V Belt in any series

Variable Speed Belt PU Small sizes

Timing Belts Heat Resistant up to 250 C

Polyflex Belt including Banded Polyflex Belt

Narrow / Wedge V Belt (American / European Standard)

Catterpillar Belt - for Cable Extrusion / PVC Pipe Extrusion

True Endless Flat Belt for high speed drive upto 100000 rpm

PVC Belt for Woodworking, Marble & Granite, Electronics Industry

Timing Synchronous Belt - Available in 40 plus series and odd pitch
and sizes

PVC Belt for Food, Pharmaceutical, Confectionary, Bakery FDA /
USDA approved

High Temperature Heat Resistant Belt upto 1400o F(760o C) for Aluminium 
Extrusion / Glass Conveyor. We represent Tuff Temp corporation USA for this product and for further details please visit

Special Application Conveyor Belt - with Cleats, Corrugated Side Walls /
V-Guides as per individual drawings / specification

Note : We are also available to create and design products unique
individual requirements.