Technical Data Sheet - Belts for FFS (Form, Fill & Seal) Machine 

Timing Belts - preferably Polyurethane with Rubber cover is required to provide positive holding power to the product in Vertical FFS Machines. Frequently used in process applications, FFS/ Vacuum Belts provide an excellent way of maintaining perfect control of sheet or film products during processing.
Polyurethane Body is ideal for timing belts being used as puller belts

Polyurethane offers extremely good abrasion resistance, much better than traditional neoprene timing belts. Urethane also is resistant to most chemicals, water and oil making it well suited for tough industrial applications. 



Steel or Kevlar Reinforcement 
Both steel and Kevlar are ideal cords for the application. They both offer very low stretch that means the re-tensioning and other maintenance is not required. They are also dimensionally very stable under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Sizes : Can be manufactured in sizes as per customers requirement

Thickness : Standard Industry Thickness of the cover is 6.4mm (1/4 inch)
Teeth side is as per coustomers requirement i.e. full teeth or partially grinded off with vacuum holes punched

Coverings :
1. Linatex Rubber Cover (Red Colour)
2. Newly Introduced Yellow Colour Silicone Rubber Cover 

Advantages :
1. Positive Synchronization
2. No re-tensioning required
3. High Operating speed
4. No lubrication required
5. High accuracy in moulded dimensions

Special Note for Newly Introduced Yellow Colour Silicone Rubber Cover
1. Very Good abrasion resistance
2. High dry friction
3. Durable - more than 50% life than Linatex Rubber cover belts
4. Chemical Resistance
5. Glue Release
6. Easy to clean
7. Food quality cover Material
8. The tooth side of the base belt is grinded to seal the vacuum head perfectly