Features of Seamless Steel Belt

  1. No slip - By controlling the friction coefficient, the tension, and the belt-winding angle, the belt will not slip

  2. No wander - Using a crown pulley, the belt will stay centered while being drive

  3. High fatigue resistance - Even when the belt is relatively thick, relatively small diameter pulleys can drive the belt. The belt edges are rounded during the rolling processes. This shape is advantageous since it is not damaged by repeated compression and expansion on the pulley 

  4. Withstands high temperatures - Since the belt can withstand thermal loading, large changes in shape, such as sagging, are not likely to occur

  5. Exceptionally corrosion proof and wear resistance - Since the belt is made of high tensile stainless steel, it offers excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. There is no need to worry about corrosion, rust, dirt, or looseness

  6. Light weight, easy to install

  7. Easy to replace the belts

  8. Strength of the endless steel belt - The belt installed on the conveyor is a seamless belt. The joint area on the belt has the same strength and dimensions as the rest of the belt

  9. Belt can be washed in water, to keep them Hygienic 

  10. The Belt never elongates or shrinks 

  11. The belt surface is very hard and difficult to scratch 

  12. Soft or wet objects on the belt can be removed easily using scraper

Material used for endless steel belt 
Standard: - SUS304S. SUS301S, SUS631, 15-7 PH, HT-100 & maraged steel also available on request


  • Accumulate transfer

  • Static electricity and electric charge build-up prevention type

  • Inspection by C.C.D. camera

  • Feeding objects in high temperature conditions

  • Feeding objects in an ultra-violet light drying process

  • Conveying such as substrates into reflow furnace

  • Conveying objects with sharp edges or burrs

  • Vacuum attachment using perforated belts

  • Cleaning wafers and electronic parts

  • Transporting food, medicines, and chemical products hygienically

  • Vacuum transmission

  • Many other unlimited applications

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Stainless Crown Pulley with Various Pulley Shapes 
Driving Pulley with High Friction

  • Coated with Tungsten Carbide

  • Lined with urethane Rubber

  • Lined with silicone Rubber